La Ginestra

“As long as I remember there is people passing through”

Dario of La Ginestra is a native of the area. The cooperative was founded in the late 1970’s and has since then been a home to a myriad of people from different horizons. This was also when most of the 7ha of vines were planted. Together with Matteo and a few other co-owner in the cooperative, they manage another 60+ hectares of land dedicated to spelt, wheat, barley and other old varieties of grain, fruit orchards, olive groves, bee hives and cannabis plants.

The spirit of La Ginestra shines through the hospitality and warmth of their agriturismo. Simple and kind, with only products of their land. The fantastic view, the stone and oak farmhouse and the pool are almost secondary.

Honest product with real flavour is how Dario defined his works. To borrow the expression of Richard Betts, his wine is indeed a true grocery, not a luxury.

La Ginestra does however push their agricultural practices quite far. They recently started following principles of “Homeodynamics” and the “Trinium” method as laid out by Enzo Nastati. He is the president of the Udine based company Widdar, which supplies agricultural companies with consulting and supplies for this alternative method. Also based on Rudolf Steiner’s writings like biodynamics, it aims at achieving harmony and circularity.

You can read about their manifesto here:

The wines of La Ginestra are honest, fermented and aged without additives. They simply add a tiny bit of S02 at bottling.

Chianti 2019
Crunchy and fresh. A thirst quencher with a lot of youthful energy.

Chianti Riserva 2018
Darker and smoother, it shows the more noble notes of Sangiovese aged in barrels: chestnut notes and a touch of balsamic.

Il Popone 2020
A collaboration with Troppo! An orange Trebbiano, smokey and slightly tannic with a dash of Chardonnay to lift it up.

Tutto Anphora Bianco 2019
Macerated for 30 days and aged a further year in Amphora, this is one of Dario’s more serious wines and our favourite. Notes of dry yellow fruit and almonds. Very gastronomic!

Tutti Anphora Rosso 2019
A nice experiment and contrast with Sangiovese usually aged and fermented on Oak. The ageing on clay gives it a beautiful grain and shows the more bright and vibrant side of the varietal: cherry and strawberry with a little smoke.

All the wines of La Ginestra are available in our shop and online.

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P.S: We warmly recommend a visit and stay at La Ginestra’s Agristurismo. You can book on their website!

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