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Ribolla Anfora magnum (1.5L)

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The ribolla gialla grapes come from three organically cultivated vineyards on sandstone-marl flysch, a soil known locally as ‘ponca’. The grapes are worked according to the lunar calendar, and are harvested by hand, de-stemmed and crushed before being loaded into qvevri. The fermentation occurs naturally, started by wild yeasts, underground, with no ability to adjust the temperature. There is a six month maceration period before drawing and pressing, the wine is then loaded back into qvevri to mature. Afterwards there is an additional ageing for at least six years in large oak barrels. The 2011 vintage has seen little precipitation and has yielded healthy grapes.

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About the producer

Joško Gravner is seen as the father of the modern-day orange wine resurgence. In 1997 he rejected his career in conventional, modern winemaking in favour of a more traditional style. He took cues from Georgian winemakers by using amphorae, which are to be buried under the ground, called Qvevri. His travels to Georgia and subsequent adoption of qvevri as the ‘perfect’ fermentation vessel lifted the lid on Georgia’s ancient winemaking traditions, inspiring a whole generation after him to explore it. This ancient from of winemaking applied to the Friulian ribolla gialla grape, with its extraordinarily thick skins, synergises into one of the modern world’s most unique wines.