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Rosso di Valtellina

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The Rosso di Valtellina is the only wine from Ar.Pe.Pe. that’s produced and released annually. After a challenging harvest in 2003, the Rosso emerged by blending the low yields of grapes from their Sassella and Grumello vineyards. It’s made from Chiavennasca grapes, the local name for Nebbiolo. Nowadays, the wine is made from the lowest vineyards in altitude at around 350 to 400 meters. Here, the grapes mature earlier and a larger yield is left on the plant. The wine has a long but gentle maceration of 130 days followed by fermentation by pied de cuve. The Rosso di Valtellina is aged for six months in large barrels, then on concrete and lastly on the bottle

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About the producer

The Pelizzatti are a family of winegrowers who have cultivated the noble Nebbiolo for over 150 years. The variety has, over the centuries, adapted to the region of Valtellina, a valley of glacial origin, furrowed by the river Adda, which runs for a full 120 kilometres from east to west, from the Stelvio Pass to Lake Como.

The spectacularly terraced vineyards are the heritage of the people who have tended them for centuries. Dry-stone walls hold back poor soils composed of flaked granite where the roots of the alpine Nebbiolo vines have dug deep and found all the nutrients they needed to create and maintain an extraordinary genetic variety. The south-facing vineyards are fully exposed to the warmth of the sun and receive a cool breeze from the north, allowing the fruit to reach the full extent of their maturity.

The production at Ar.Pe.Pe is traditional and labour is intense, the elevation and pitch of the terraces make it very difficult to reach the fruit at all. Therefore, everything must be done by hand. The family exercises a great amount of patience and restraint in the creations of their wines; they are rested until they are ready to be released. The result is an exceptional, mature, delicate and perfumed mountain wine.