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Orange Diagonal

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This first is a limited selection of orange wines, made from white grapes usually used for white wines, left on their skins to extract colour and the skin’s aroma and tannic bite.

What about loosely drawing a line from their winery all the way to the historical cradle of orange wine, all the way in Georgia?

In the December 2020 box:

Pinot Gris 2019 – Julien Meyer – Alsace, Nothalten

An all-time favourite style at Troppo. Short whole bunch maceration of little over a week. Ripe and meaty but with citrus tannins. 2019 is still a bit young but we couldnt get our hands on too many bottles so decided to allocate the last case for this box.

QVBV 2019 – La Ginestra- Tuscany, Firenze

We printed our own label together with Café Binnenvisser of this 30 day macerated Trebbiano from Tuscany. It is then aged 6 month in anphora and was release a bit early due to the large 2020 harvest taking up cellar space at our friends at the cooperative of La Ginestra and the lack of stability in sales due to Covid-19. It is a food driven amber style wine with structure and touches of yeast and smoke.

Valtolla – CROCI 2019

Beautiful Malvasia di Candia from Emilia-Romagna, aromatic and sour tannins. A favourite of ours and only made in the best years!

Trebez 2004 – Dario Princic

Princic’s luck strikes again! a very-late release of a crazy wine: bubbles sour and oxidative. Alessandro bought the whole lot!

Keratsuda – 2018

The odd discovery from the selection, showing Eastern’s Europe depth in terrroirs. Rare variety in the Kresna Kanyon, 6 month on the skins!


Lapati – Tetris 2019

The french make wine in Georgia! The lightest of the bunch, it’s slightly reductive and shows inherently a bit more delicacy.


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