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Troppo Wine Club

180,00 inc. VAT / month

Join the Troppo wine club! A case of Troppo’s best new wines every month.

Best-sellers, Best-tasters, Best-of-the-season and the occasional unicorn!

December Christmas box

1. Charles Dufour – Stilleben N/V

Our favourite Champagne.

2.Michel Autran – Les Enfers Tranquilles 2018

A big chenin blanc for your hearty christmas dishes.

3. Huit-Launay – Cabernet Franc 2018

A crunchy and earthy loire wine. Perfect with roasted poultry and mushrooms.

4. Frank Cornelissen – Munjebel Bianco 2018

Spicy and reductive. We advise to keep this one a little bit longer… or open it up straight away like us when we got it!

5. Ar.Pe.Pe. – Rosso di Valtellina 2018

The elegance of Nebbiolo without the weight. An airy alpine wine, delicate with astringent tannins

6. Dario Prinčič – Sivi 2017

The thirst-quencher of Dario. Macerated Pinot Gris never cease to impress us!

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