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Best-of-the-season and the occasional unicorn!


Thomas Jacquin – Arbois Ploussard 2018
Classic Jura: thirst quencher, no sulfur, fruit and signature ploussard rose-water mouthfeel.

François Rousset-Martin – Croix Sarrant 2018
Our favourite Chardonnay of last year. Parcel just left of the famous Savagnin sloped vineyard. Google Chateau-Chalon and you’ll see what terroir is!

Bruno Duchene La Luna – Grenache Noir 2016

A wine nearing maturity. Spicy and meaty but nothing too weighty about this wine. From the french corner of Catalonia, super slopey vineyards, no machines allowed.

La Grande Colline Japon – Muscat 2019
Hirotake’s great return will be from Okayama! Nothing like you’ve tasted before.

Casa Coste Piane – Valdobiaddene  2019
We felt like adding another bubble to celebrate spring. Nothing beats Casa Coste Piane when it comes to Prosecco. Yeasty and simply delicious

Tony Bornard – Pinoctambule 2018
Rustic Jura. Simple pinot noir from Tony’s young vines. A solid introduction to his wines and a red suited for any occasion.