Troppo Giovane is a wine trading company founded in 2017 by Alessandro da Fies and Théo Cauchois. Having worked together during the early years of BAK restaurant, we stayed great wine-friends, enjoying the complementarity of our palet. The name Troppo Giovane is for the italian descriptive “too young”, the one that Stanko Radikon and Dario Princic kept using when we asked their opinion about the french wines showing at a tasting in Saumur.

Time for the vines and for the wine

We want to follow this philosophy: working with winemakers who take their time. After ten years drinking “natural” we found ourselves at the crossroads of traditional winemaking and the modern natural wine movement. While we agree in essence with the precepts of natural wines, we feel it can be a limitation to the understanding of what makes a great wine. In a way, we are on the left-wing of the wine industry but right-wing of the natural wine. This is  why we also try to offer wines with at least eighteen months of aging, wines that have had the chance to develop their true flavours. We represent winemakers from France and Italy, natural wines, made with a traditional and local approach.


Troppo Giovane is also a store located in the north of the Jordaan on the Binnen Dommersstraat 22. There, we curate a selection of our import balanced with handpicked wines from other importers and other gems. We also shelve things we aged, but also a variety of hand crafted ciders and sakés. We also ship throughout the E.U.