The Orange Diagonal Box

The idea behind this box came after we started delivering a ‘curated’ box during the first confinement of 2020. We simply asked friends and acquaintances to reach out to us by phone to customise their wine box we would then bring to their home, alleviating the intensity of the stay-at-home act.

Some wanted us to pair with their slow cooked meals, some did not like Chardonnay, some only wines they could compare one another with. What we learned from doing the boxes is that preconceptions are the norm, even amongst the conoisseurs. The one who didn’t like Chardonnay, perhaps only had the flabby and oak-chipped flavoured ones and the ones who didn’t like light red, only had insipid gamay. Some who had enough knowledge to claim they did not like natural wine, we gave a clean-as-a-whistle Morgon without mentioning the lack of sulfur as attribute. Those who only swore by funky orange we gave sturdy and long-aged amber wines.

Now with restaurants closing again and Christmas-at-home-alone around the corner. We choose to keep offering the custom curated box but also play around, using wine’s kaledeioscopic properties, to group wines together geographically, gastronomically, visually or even by cultural reference.

This first is a limited selection of orange wines, made from white grapes usually used for white wines, left on their skins to extract colour and the skin’s aroma and tannic bite. One of the best seller in our shop throughout the summer, was a dutch orange wine from winery Dassemus in Chaam, Noord-Brabant.

What about loosely drawing a line from their winery all the way to the historical cradle of orange wine, all the way in Samtavisi, Georgia?

For the first edition:

  1. Noord-Babant, Netherlands
    Dassemus, ‘Ceci n’est pas?”, Souvignier Gris, 2019
  2. Nothalten, France
    Julien Meyer, Pinot Gris Macération ‘Fanny Elisabeth’, 2017
  3. Franken, Germany
    Stefan Vetter, Sylvaner ‘Flow’, 2018
  4. Veneto, Italy
    Alla Costiera, Trachite Bianco, 2018
  5. Tuscany, Italy
    La Ginestra, ‘Tutto anfora bianco’, 2018
  6. Qartli, Georgia
    Marani, Samtavisi, Chinuri, 2019

The box will have more in-depth descriptions of the wines, from the historical and local wine history to more technical winemaking details and flavour profiles.